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Ns2 Secure Computing - Live Project Centre

Secure Computing,2011-Ns2

A basic list of Secure Computing,2011-Ns2 projects are below for a complete list of Top 100 project titles send us an email, you don't have to be our trainee or R&D student.

  • Analyzing a Family of Key Protection Schemes against Modification Attacks
  • Distributed Detection of Clone Attacks in Wireless Sensor Network
  • Prime: Byzantine Replication under Attack
  • Securing Topology Maintenance Protocols for Sensor Networks
  • ELMO: Energy Aware Local Monitoring in Sensor Networks

Quad Softwares R&D with Software Company and development located in Vadapalani, Chennai offers selective students a training on NS2 Secure Computing to complete there project development on research and submission report either for the curriculam or for stritly for R&D development purpose. Interested applicants can call the customer support and ask for NS2 Secure Computing details.
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