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Mobile computing

Mobile computing encompasses a number of technologies and devices, such as wireless LANs, notebook computers, cell and smart phones. Basically, any electronic device that helps you organize your life, communicate.

Mobile computing devices can use any of these networks to access the Internet or connect to a LAN( local area network) or WAN(wide area network) server. They use networking software for adjusting device settings to suit specific network requirements

Mobile computing has enabled users to remain connected while on the move. High end users can opt for satellite based networking which provides wireless connectivity anywhere in the world. However, this technology is costly and will take many years to become as affordable as Wi-Fi and Wi Max.


If you only want a personal organizer, then a PDA is ideal. A PDA will allow you to look up and edit contact details, appointments and brief notes. However, larger quantities of text can be slow to enter without a keyboard and can exceed the PDA's limited storage capacity. A PDA is quick and easy to use. Taking the PDA out, switching it on and accessing information will only take a few seconds. Although a laptop can handle the same tasks, it is far less convenient. You need to find somewhere to put the laptop, and wait while it powers up.

A laptop is suitable for working on files in the same way as in your office. For example, drafting letters, setting up a spreadsheet or running a PowerPoint presentation. A compatible laptop will be able to run the same software as your office system.

There may be a solution which suits your specific needs. For example, a handheld computer might be designed specifically for use in stock control. Some PDAs and handheld computers allow you to run cut-down versions of standard software packages. These can be useful if your main requirements are to be able to view documents and other files rather than to work on them. However, a compromise, where you try to trade off portability, functionality and price, often proves to be unsatisfactory. Purchasing both a laptop and a PDA might be a better solution (though at extra cost).

Many devices offer additional functionality. For example, the ability to play music or take photographs. These features tend to be aimed at individual consumers, but can have useful business applications in specific circumstances.

Whichever option suits, you should also ensure that it can handle your communication and networking needs.

These may include the ability to back up information, connect to output devices (such as a printer), network with other computers, and handle communications such as email or phone calls.

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