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Introduction To Intra Communication Java Project - Live Project Centre


The main concept of ‘Intra-communication Software' is developing the communication among all persons of the same organization on the net.

Normally in Telephone Conference there will be more than two users connected at a time and all the users are able to hear word from any one of the users

Intra communication system java project is developed for organizations for improving their quality of communication by proving online meeting, online conference for net. In existing system phone lines are used to communicate between employees with is not a effective process.

As the usage of technology is increasing using online conference methods will be very helpful. This application allows grouping and support of multi conferencing options. Intra communication projects works on java projects on client server model. Here we provide full documentation, screen shots, paper presentation, intra communication SRS, uml diagrams and data flow diagrams.


It is internal project of a software company developed to conduct offline discussions and online

Discussions regarding salvation of problems which arises in a company.

Quad Softwares R&D with Software Company and development located in Vadapalani, Chennai offers selective students a training on Introduction to Intra communication java project to complete there project development on research and submission report either for the curriculam or for stritly for R&D development purpose. Interested applicants can call the customer support and ask for Introduction to Intra communication java project details.
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