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Ieee Projects On Networking - Live Project Centre

Networking and Security

1.Basic concepts and taxonomy of dependable and secure computing

2. Modeling and Automated Containment of Worms

Sellke, S.H. Shroff, N.B. Bagchi, S.

Sch. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN;

3. Database security - concepts, approaches, and challenges

4. Controlling IP Spoofing through Interdomain Packet Filters.

5. An Efficient Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Management Scheme for Secure Broadcasting

6. SASI: A New Ultralightweight RFID Authentication Protocol Providing Strong Authentication and Strong Integrity

7. Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Certificateless Public Keys

8. Comprehensive approach to intrusion detection alert correlation

9. Dynamic power management in wireless sensor networks

10. Middleware: middleware challenges and approaches for wireless sensor networks.

11. A Classification of Emerging and Traditional Grid Systems

12 Middleware for Distributed Video Surveillance

13. Diffie-Hellman technique: extended to multiple two-party keys and one multi-party key

14. Trusted P2P computing environments with role-based access control

Networking Projects Only

1. A Waiting-Time Dependent Backoff Algorithm for QoS Enhancement of Voice over WLAN

2. A Multiobjective Optimization-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Optimization

3. Modified Montgomery modular multiplication and RSA exponentiation techniques

4. Control mechanisms for packet audio in the Internet

5. Knowledge integration for the post-genomic era: a progress report

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