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Ieee Projects Titles - Live Project Centre

1.COPACC: An Architecture of Cooperative Proxy-Client Caching System for On-Demand Media Streaming(jan-2007)

2.SESA: Emerging Technology for Service-Centric Environments(Nov/Dec-2007)

3.PAWS: A Framework for Executing Adaptive Web-Service Processes(Nov/Dec-2007)

4.AjaxScope: A Platform for Remotely Monitoring the Client-Side Behavior of Web 2.0 Applications(Oct-2007)

5.Adaptive Systems for Improved Media Streaming Experience(jan-2007)

6.Graphical Password Authentication Using Cued Click Points(June-2007)

7.Security Conscious Web Service Composition with Semantic Web Support(2007)

8.Image Compression With Edge-Based Inpainting(2007)

9.An Integrated Neighbor Discovery and MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks Using DirectionalAntennas(2007)

10.A Two-Layer Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks(2007)

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